piątek, 12 lipca 2013

Turbans in 17th or 18th century Turkish Manuscript

Source: http://www.librit.unibo.it/page/oggetti/oggetto.html

Catalogue of the turbans. Ms., sec. XVII, cart., cc. 81, milimeter 90x240. With 218 colored illustrations to pen and. The manuscript reproduces, in shape of ritratti stilizzati, the various personages who could themselves be met in the Ottoman empire of the sec. XVII. The reference and to the social class, to loads political-administrative with the personage, to the profession, its ethnic-geographic belongings. Every figure contains didascalie in Ottoman Turk and - on the back - its transcription and translation in Italian. Album of the sort, with galleries of personages, not rare in the Ottoman art, is present in several Italian and European libraries. The importance and the rarita one of this copy are in the documentation, rich and lively above all for the turbans and hairdos of the personages, nonche in the wealth of the didascalie bilanguages.

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