wtorek, 11 czerwca 2013

Space making sound

"Salat" is the title of an ongoing art project by Johannes Gees.
"Salat" started in 2007, when Johannes Gees installed several loudspeakers on a number of Swiss churches, which played the muslim "call for prayer" from the towers, until they were seized by the police.

In 2008/9, Johannes Gees made "Salat #2", combining the call for prayer from the main mosque in Mecca with the christian prayer "Ave Maria" in a traditional chanted version originally recorded in the Swiss mountains.

Salat #3 is the third stage of the project. It is supposed to happen in a muslim country. One of Johannes Gees loudspeakers is to be installed on a minarett, playing the "Ave Maria" at official prayer times.

Johannes Gees is currently seeking support to realize this ambitious project. The artist can be contacted at johannes.gees@gmail.com.

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